unable load label description and cure protocol

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      Hello, I’m wondering where on the harddrive one could physically find the BrainSuiteQt log file as the paths specified in it (see below) to the label description file and curve protocol file are incorrect. I’ve just installed BrainSuite (v16a1) quickly on a new mac with macOS sierra 10.12.3.

      Thanks in advance.

      SVReg is not configured to run. If you wish to perform surface/volume registration, please install it.
      Unable to load label description file: brainsuite_labeldescriptions_14May2014.xml
      To install or re-install this file, please go to the menu item Help -> Reinstall BrainSuite Atlas Files
      Unable to load curve protocol file: /private/var/folders/4y/3fzg73j927d1f8k21w480_wr0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/52D3D3C0-7FB4-47F0-91F5-5BBF390DEC87/d/protocols/brainsuite_protocol_Damasio2009.xml

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      Can you locate where BrainSuite is installed?

      See if you can locate BrainSuite in your /Applications directory.
      If so this should work:

      1. Open BrainSuite
      2. Go to Cortex (located on the top menu bar) -> Select SVReg Directory
      3. Navigate to svreg directory (try going to /Applications/BrainSuite16a1/svreg)
      4. Select Open

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