SVReg error: required files not found

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      I’m trying to process a brain but received the following error message at the Surface/Volume Registration step:

      “The following required files are not present:
      /Volumes/iang-76/active/ELS/ELS-T2/196-T2/anatomics/spgr/T1w_9mm_sag_raw.nii.gz[bias corrected].left.inner.cortex.dfs
      /Volumes/iang-76/active/ELS/ELS-T2/196-T2/anatomics/spgr/T1w_9mm_sag_raw.nii.gz[bias corrected].bfc.nii.gz
      Error: Required files were not found. Process halted.”

      The error log is correct that those files are not located there. Is there any way to find out where those files (which I assume were generated from a previous step) might be saving to? Every step before this seemed to work without a hitch. Any help would be much appreciated!!


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      Anand Joshi

      You probably are not running the whole sequence as directed here.
      You need to run the full CSE sequence before running the SVReg sequence.

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