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      Hi, recently ive run SVReg on 2 brains. One a young person in their 30s, the other an elderly person without any brain pathology except an occasional gliosis.

      Both however take very long to process, just SVReg itself takes atleast 6 hours if not more.
      I didnt fiddle with any settings of the segmentation protocol, i just shoved 1mm 3D T1 slices into the Brainsuite and let it run.
      I run Brainsuite on a recent 4-core 30W laptop CPU and 16 gigs of RAM + SSD.

      Is there any way how to speed up Brainsuite? Or on the contrary, did i manage to turn on some superprecise mod of Brainsuite and is it checking every voxel 10 times over? Or is it the hardware, do i need a proper workstation to get it down to 1-2 hours per person?

      Thanks for the reply

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