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      Lee Reid


      I’ve been playing with importing/modifying *.dfs data with our in-house software. The c++ files supplied on the site have been very useful, but there is a little information lacking regarding the space that the coordinates within in the dfs files belong to.

      Could you please let me know if I’m correct in asserting that the vertex coordinates can be converted to voxel space (i,j,k) by simply dividing them by the voxel size?

      Many thanks,

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      Anand Joshi

      Yes that is right.

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      Lee Reid

      Great, thank you! I have only just started playing, but have been pretty impressed with the brain extraction results so far.

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      How did you know that vertex coordinates can be transformed into voxel space (i,j,k) simply by dividing by the voxel size? I simply divided by the voxel size, but compared to the original image, the image seems to have moved a little in each of the x, y and z directions.
      I would like to know if there is a file containing information on mesh transformation.

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      David Shattuck

      Hello –

      The mesh is relative to the voxel coordinates. We don’t have a file for the mesh transform, but its coordinates are all relative to the voxel grid of the input image.

      The units for the surface are in mm, and we use voxel-centered coordinates.

      How large of a shift are you seeing?

      Anand is one of the developers of the software, as am I.


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