Standard surface rendering file formats?

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      Dear BrainSuite,

      I am a new user of your software and I have been impressed with the “brain extraction”set of tools. I am interested in 3D rendering and am having a hard time with the .dfs file format. Are there tools to convert this format into a well-established format like .stl or .obj?



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      Thank-you for the information, this is exactly what I need. Yes, I meant the Wavefront OBJ format.

      Cheers, Brandon

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      You can also find matlab tools in the additional tools page to read BrainSuite output files.

      ReadDFS.m is specific to dfs files.

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      I am having an issue with this. I’m using BrainSuite to create a file that I can then print with a 3D printer. I am able to get everything to run beautifully, but I can’t figure out how to get the *pial.cortex.dfs file into a format that the printer software can understand. I see in reply #66 that I should be able to save as .obj, but I can’t figure out how to do that with the menu options. How would I do this? Is there a way that I can save it to stl format?

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      Is there any way to convert the .dfs file formats into a well-established format such as Wavefront OBJ format, but using the command line and not Brainsuite’s GUI?

      I tried the approach in reply #66 but although it works well, it requires manual steps and using the GUI.
      Since I need to perform this operation for around 1000 files, I would need to perform this conversion via the command-line in order to make it in a automatic way. Is this possible?

      Thank you,

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      You can try loading the .dfs file in BrainSuite and then save as .obj file. It should save outputs in MNI obj format.

      If you need to get the file into the Wavefront obj format, there is a trick you can try. Save the file using a .wfo extension, and BrainSuite will write it out in the Wavefront OBJ format. You will then need to change the extension manually to be .obj, but the file should be readable by programs expecting a Wavefront OBJ file.

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