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      Dear BrainSuite team,

      I encountered an error in surface registration stage.
      OS system: MacOS Catalina
      MatlabR2019b was installed
      “” was edited, BrainSuiteMCR=”/Applications/Polyspace/Matlab”;

      CSE has been run without error.

      In terminal, run “”,
      svreg_label_surf_hemi : surface registration and labeling (svreg)
      This is the main program for surface registration. First, the surface is
      smoothed to create a multiresolution representation of the surface. An
      initial registration is performed by aligning the 3D coordinates of this
      smoothed surface. This is followed by p-harmonic mapping to a square and
      curvature-based registration.
      For more information, please see
      Authored by Anand A. Joshi, Signal and Image Processing Institute
      Department of Electrical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, USC

      usage: [subject fileprefix] [atlas fileprefix]
      [hemi] [flags]

      required input:
      subject fileprefix path and filename prefix of the subject’s output
      from BrainSuite’s Cortical Surface Extraction
      atlas fileprefix path and filename prefix of atlas files and labels
      to which the subject will be registered
      hemi the hemisphere to refine; either left or right

      optional flags:
      -v# Controls the verbosity of output messages (# is 0, 1, or 2)
      -t display timestamps along with output messages

      While for registration process, the error happened.

      Thanks very much.

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