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      I encountered an error while using Surface and Volume registration. Below is the error log when running SVReg. I am not sure if the problem occurred due to improper installation or the image to be processed. Would you please help me to know what is wrong? I use Windows 8 (64-bit) with MATLAB MCR for R2012a installed. Thanks!


      Finished volume mapping 6:37
      Executing: C:\Program Files\BrainSuite15c\svreg\bin\svreg_volreg.exe D:\MEG data\T1\ChenRoZhen\CRZ\s131218122440STD131221107521945174-0003-00001-000192-01 D:\MEG data\T1\ChenRoZhen\CRZ\ -v1
      Error running volume registration. Processing halted.
      process log:
      Inverting the map to find intial volumetric map
      done inverting for the white matter
      Affine map trunction removed
      Using Executable C:\Program Files\BrainSuite15c\svreg\bin\warp_coord_vol.exe
      Using Executable C:\Program Files\BrainSuite15c\svreg\bin\warp_coord_vol.exe
      Elapsed time is 89.316332 seconds.
      Elapsed time is 178.271579 seconds.
      Elapsed time is 267.714628 seconds.
      Affine Map is Replaced by AIR based map
      Singularities in Air based map are solved by copy from affine map

      ans =

      D:\MEG data\T1\ChenRoZhen\CRZ\s131218122440STD131221107521945174-0003-00001-000192-01.svreg.tmp\s131218122440STD131221107521945174-0003-00001-000192-01.warped.hippo_carved.nii.gz

      SVREG:extend_deformation: 13:00:38 Extending the map
      SVREG:extend_deformation: 13:01:39 Done
      {Error using rmdir
      could not be removed.

      Error in load_nii_BIG_Lab (line 49)

      Error in load_nii_z (line 32)

      Error in extend_deformation_laplacian_hippo (line 137)

      Error in svreg_volreg (line 206)


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      Anand Joshi

      It seems that you are using old version of the software/MCR. Can you please upgrade to the latest version and try again? Please make sure that the computer has sufficient memory free (>=4GB). You can do that by closing as many background applications as possible.

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