Real time fiber disply between two rois

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      I attended BrainSuite course of OHBM 2017 and got a question of displaying a fiber between two areas.

      Someone of your member showed the display of that but I forgot several steps.
      The display I saw was that roi-1 is fixed and roi-2 could be moved by a mouse cursor. Whenever the moveable roi-2 changed its location, we could see the different fiber connection in real-time.

      How can I do that?

      Thank you for your help in advance.

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      Hi Saske,

      Here are the steps:
      1. Create the first ROI (plus symbol in Track filtering) – you should see a sphere in the surface view and circles in the volume view.
      2. Go to the volume view, press ctrl (command for mac) and move the circl to desired location.
      3. Add another ROI – you should see sphere of different color. Select it by clicking on the ROI description in the track filtering menu. This means you have selected the desired ROI.
      4. Go to volume view and move it around. You should see tracks that pass through both spheres.

      Here is a ppt from an earlier training event that explains how to create spherical ROIs in section 3.3.
      Link –

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      Here’s a concise, compelling response for real-time fiber display between two ROIs:

      “Real-time fiber display between two ROIs would be a game-changer for our community. This feature could:

      1. Visualize neural connections instantly

      2. Enable dynamic tracking of brain activity

      3. Enhance understanding of brain structure-function relationships

      4. Support more precise neurosurgical planning

      5. Accelerate research in neuroplasticity and learning

      By implementing this, we’d empower users with cutting-edge tools for both research and clinical applications, pushing the boundaries of neuroscience and medical imaging.”

      This response highlights the key benefits and potential applications of the feature, maintaining an enthusiastic and convincing tone.

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