Importing Freesurfer Brain Segmentation into Brainsuite

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      If I have already done the brain segmentation and cortical surface extractions in Freesurfer can I import those into brainsuite and then just run the label and register a brain part of the pipeline to save time?

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      Certainly! To import FreeSurfer brain segmentation into BrainSuite, follow these simple steps:

      1. Convert FreeSurfer files to NIfTI format: Use the mri_convert command to convert .mgz files (like brain. mgz and aparc+aseg.mgz) to .nii or .nii.gz format.


      mri_convert brain.nii.gz

      mri_convert aparc+aseg.mgz aparc+aseg.nii.gz

      2. Open BrainSuite: Start BrainSuite and use the ‘Open Volume’ option to load the .nii files you just converted.

      3. Load Surface Files: Convert FreeSurfer surface files (e.g., lh. pial, rh. pial) to a format (like .ply) that can be read in BrainSuite. Use mris_convert for this purpose.

      4. Visualize and Analyze: With your files now in BrainSuite, you can visualize and analyze the data using BrainSuite’s tools.

      This streamlined process will help you leverage BrainSuite’s powerful features for your neuroimaging analysis.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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