Estimate cortical thickness

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      Hi Evryone,

      after installing and trying all the suggested matlab runtime environments, i still can’t manage to pass the cortical thickness estimation step. See Error from the log below.

      I’m running BrainSuite21a, latest Ubuntu TLS version.

      Any advice would be highly appreciated!


      Error running Estimate Cortical Thickness. Processing halted.
      process log:
      Error using matlabpath
      Modifying the search path is not supported by MATLAB Compiler. Remove functions that modify the search path from your MATLAB code. To make files visible to your deployed application, add the parent folder to your MATLAB session.
      Error in path (line 109)
      Error in addpath (line 86)
      Error in startup (line 5)

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      Anand Joshi

      For BraiNSuite 21a, you need Matlab MCR for 2019b

      Are you installing MCR in non-standard location? If yes, please set BrainSuiteMCR environment variable to point to the path. You can do that in Linux by
      export BrainSuiteMCR=/path/to/your.mcr

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