command line tools in BS 17a?

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      I’ve been using BrainSuite16a for a couple months. I just now installed version 17a. In the “\bin” folder I do not find most of the command-line tools that I was using before — under 16a there were 13 command-line programs; in 17a there are only three (bfc, cerebro, and cerebrohelper). For example, I do not have “bse.exe”, “tca.exe”, etc.
      I’m I doing something wrong in the installation?
      BTW, I was using the Windows installer “BrainSuite17a_win64.exe”


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      Just a followup on my question. I downloaded the 17a source code (BrainSuite GUI v.17a and command line tool source code [ 5.5 MB ]), and tried building in Visual Studio.
      I noticed that the build failed, due to errors in one “+” operator definition in file “BrainSuite17a_src\3rdParty\include\strideiterator.h”. After I fixed that one error, everything built correctly and I got the ten missing command line tools I had been missing.

      Could it be that, due to this one error, the command line tools failed to be included into the 17a release??


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      David Shattuck

      hi Tod –

      The binaries should have been included — I will repackage them later this week and upload a new version. We made a few final fixes right before release, and it looks like the code wasn’t recompiled before we packaged it.

      What version of the MSVC compiler are you using? The strideiterator file would only affect BSE, and it compiles under MSVC2013 (I think it fails on MSVC2015 or later).


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      Thanks for your response. I will look for that new package next week.

      I was using MSVC2017. I saw the ReadMe instructions to build using VS2013, but I figured bigger was better! So, obviously, no worries on that issue… I can get VS2013 if I really need to build the code.

      By the way, many thanks for making this fantastic software available to the community.

      Best regards,

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      I’ve been running into the same issues as Tod, the BrainSuite17a_win64.exe doesn’t seem to contain all of the binaries necessary for command line execution. I have been able to get the command line Cortical Extraction to work in the 2015 and 2016 versions of BrainSuite, but the extraction sequence doesn’t seem to be as powerful or capable as that of the 2017 version. I’m just curious if there is an update on the repackaging of the download?

      Thanks so much!


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