Combining matrices for less interpolation error

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      Dear BrainSuite-Experts,

      I am quite new to BrainSuite and tried out the INVERSION-based distortion correction. I am pretty happy with the results and also impressed how well the dwi-data aligns with the bfc T1. All in all, a very nice toolbox!
      However, I am wondering if it is possible to output the applied warpfields and matrices of the respective registration steps. I would like to do some further processing using FSL-tools and want to reduce the interpolation error by combining all matrices (meaning: the distortion correction and registration matrices of BrainSuite and some further registration matrices from FSL) and apply them in a single step.
      Therefore my questions: is there a way to export BrainSuite’s registration matrices?

      Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

      Best regards,

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