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      hello everyone,
      im new to this feild and software therefore need your help. in my laptop the brainsuite software crashes for certain MRI datasets when i try to run cortical surface extraction sequence. the MRIs acquired from ADNI specifically are facing this issue while datasets from other org have successfully completed the sequence. what might be the issue here?
      also my aim is to achieve the volume or thickness of the hippocampus, can someone guide me through this process ?

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      Hi, can you elaborate on what you mean by “crashes”?
      Does the GUI just exit out? Or do processes stop and give you an error? At what step does this occur?

      Also what version of BrainSuite are you using and what platform are you on (win, macos:version , linux: distribution)

      Thank you.

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      Thank you for your reply.
      I’m using BrainSuite19b (#3436) version on Windows10.
      The GUI just exits out as soon as I start the CSE sequence in the initial BSE process itself.
      I’m facing this issue only on the MRIs acquired from ADNI (Nifty file format).
      The CSE sequence works fine on the MRIs acquired from the other source in the same file format.

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      Would you be able to share the file with us?

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        David Shattuck

        Better yet, can you provide an example subject/file ID for which this happens, and one of us can retrieve it from the ADNI database?

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      <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

      <!DOCTYPE ExtraInfo>

      -<metadata version=”1.0″>

      <subject id=”002_S_0619″/>

      <study uid=”4059″/>

      <series uid=”S15144″/>

      <image uid=”I16388″/>


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      Was there ever a resolve for this? I am also having the issue with the app crashing by just closing out during the cortical surface extraction sequence.

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