atlas: how2 'deform' (open) a sulcus?

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      I wonder if there is any ‘tool’ by which I could ‘pry’ a sulcus open some more than it is naturally, to better see the depths or features within the sulcus? Like to move the temporal pole or superior temporal gyrus aside so as to better view the insula? I’m envisioning placing the tool on a gyrus & moving the gyrus with the tool, to expand the sulcus or fissure, as if by finger or tool manipulation? I’ve seen a youtube where a neurosurgeon shows landmark details of the cerebrum by probing around with his fingers, and it helps see things better, and it would be even better if one could do this oneself with a virtual tool, like the hand ‘pans’ the brain, similar to rotating the brain as if in ones hands.

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      Hi Dan,

      you can try cutting through the surfaces by pressing keys “x” “y” or “z” on the surface viewer.
      x : sagittal
      y : coronal
      z : axial
      The surface will cut through where ever your crosshairs are located on the volume slices.

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      Hi sychoi,

      That slicing does look interesting, but how do you get the whole view back? Oh, it looks like re-pressing x,y, &/or z enough times afterwards brings the view back, ok.

      But I’ll have to see if that’s sufficiently useful, since moving a gyrus slightly aside as one could do with fingers or probe would seem to be more visually (& pseudo-tactilely) informative, but I’ll give the slicing a try. Thanks!

      I did suspect there may not be any such tool to ‘move’ a gyrus to open a sulcus some, though I think you do have some deformation routines that could maybe be extended toward that purpose?

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