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      In the paper

      we published some EEG 10-20 related ROIs. We published in MNI coordinates. How can I use it to analyze DTI-based connectivity in BrainSuite?


      Gonzalo Rojas Costa

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      Congraats for the papper.

      Connectivity based on diffusion tensor is a different modality of MRI acquisition compared to fMRI that uses EPI (T2*). However, DTI is based on DWI by EPI but sensing by 3D Gradients. That’s why, fMRI analyzes the Functional Connectivity, and DTI the Structural Connectivity.

      Nothing can stop us from the analysis and could be possible to merge both data to evaluate connectivity but I don’t know how to merge it on BrainSuite.

      Best regards,

      Ítalo César Porto Xavier

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