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      Dear all,
      I’m running the new bdp version in Brainsuite16a.
      I’m interested in to know what is –3dshore in the options. I didn’t find information in the website.
      Thank you very musch

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      Hi Luca,

      BrainSuite16a now supports multiple ODF estimation methods and we plan to add more in the upcoming releases. In this release we support FRT, FRACT and 3DSHORE based ODF estimation.

      3D SHORE Analytical ODF estimation method implemented is as described in
      [1] Merlet S. et. al, “Continuous diffusion signal, EAP and ODF estimation via Compressive Sensing in diffusion MRI”, Medical Image Analysis, 2013.
      [2] Cheng J. et. al, “Theoretical Analysis and Pratical Insights on EAP Estimation via Unified HARDI Framework”, MICCAI workshop on Computational Diffusion MRI, 2011.

      In order to use these methods you need to choose them using –frt,–fract or –3dshore flags. All information on flags supported can be accessed using –help command or by accessing ReadMe.html provided with the release. The website will also be updated soon.

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      Thank you very much!
      I have another question, do you know how to visualize multiple fiber track set?
      For example For my research could be very useful visualize in a same picture fibers set saved in different
      file.dft, do you have any sugestion?
      Thanks again

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