Reply To: Error opening curveset files

Anand Joshi

Ok, i narrowed it down and it actually is a bug, but we will fix it in the next release.
As a workaround, you can do the following

In your brainsuite installation

1. Rename the file BrainSuite21a/svreg/BCI-DNI_brain_atlas/sulcal_protocol_HD.xml to

2. copy /home/ajoshi/BrainSuite21a/svreg/BCI-DNI_brain_atlas/BCI-DNI_brain.sulcal_protocol_HD.xml to /home/ajoshi/BrainSuite21a/svreg/BCI-DNI_brain_atlas/sulcal_protocol_HD.xml

Now if you reprocess the data, it should work as intended.