Reply To: Access Denied after CMC command for BDP


hi Adrien,
By looking at your command line I can detect some errors.
This would be an example that should runs fine:
bdp.exe 2523412.bfc.nii.gz –tensor –FRT –FRACT –nii 2523412.dwi.nii.gz -g 2523412.dwi.bvec -b 2523412.dwi.bval –generate-stats

Notice how some flags have only one ‘-‘ (like -g and -b). But, others have ‘–‘ (like –tensor, –FRT, –FRACT, –nii, –generate-stats)

Also, for –nii flag use the extension ‘file.nii.gz’. No need to unzip the files.

Please adapt these changes in your code and let us know.
All the best,
Clio Gonzalez