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Thank you for the quick reply!

I was running Matlab 2021b and will try it now with 2019b.
I’m processing my data as follows:
dicom to nifti using micro GL
open brainsuite and drag in DTI.nii.gz, then process
unpack DTI.nii.gz
open CMC and use the following command:”D:\Utility\BrainSuite21a\bdp\bdp.exe” ”C:\Users\nicad\Desktop\PHD\DTI\Ersatzdaten\DCM2\T1.bfc.nii.gz” –tensor –FRT –FRACT –nii “C:\Users\nicad\Desktop\PHD\DTI\Ersatzdaten\DCM2\DWI.nii” -g “C:\Users\nicad\Desktop\PHD\DTI\Ersatzdaten\DCM2\DWI.bvec“ -b “C:\Users\nicad\Desktop\PHD\DTI\Ersatzdaten\DCM2\DWI.bval“ –generate-stats

Kind regards,

Adrien Nicolay

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