Error running surface labeling…missing file.

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    I am putting this under “Installation” since I am just now installing on a new computer, and reprocessing files which I have done previously on another computer…I must have done something wrong in getting set up correctly.
    Working on Windows 10; tried with ver 19a and also 18a. I have confirmed that I installed “MCR 2015b for 64-bit Win”, and also I installed the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package”.

    Problem comes during surface labeling. Same problem whether I am using the UI tools, or using svreg commandline. Problem comes just after the ‘register_cc_curve program’, as shown in this log output:

    Registering corpus callosum curve
    The register_cc_curve program as a part of the RCC package is provided under the terms
    …… (a few log lines deleted for clarity)
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
    Error using load
    Unable to read file ‘C:\Users\todfl\Documents\Decker\MRI Processing\MRI Data\WPAFB HyperO2\CW007\Brainsuite\106_b_mprage_2.svreg.tmp\106_b_mprage_2.right.mid.cortex_smooth10.dfs_out_register_cc.mat’. No such file or directory.

    Indeed, in the svreg.tmp folder there is no ‘*.mid.cortex_smooth10.dfs_out_register_cc.mat’ file; but there are two ‘*.mid.cortex_smooth10.dfs_in_register_cc.mat’ files (left and right).

    Any suggestion as to what could cause this problem?

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