Reply To: Importing ROIs


Hi Brain Suite community,

Things are going along well with this. I am now at the stage where I would like to extract the information from my ROIs that have now been registered and put into BS space. This is where I run into an error.

Anand suggested I use the utilities file: main.generate_stats_xls_manual.m which has this at line 28:


However, after my cortical extraction I did not have a .mid in my folder. I tried to run the svreg but it also was looking for the .mid files. Is there some other step I should do to generate the .mid files?

Here is an ls of my output folder:

mprage.air mprage.left.pial.cortex.dfs
mprage.bfc.nii.gz mprage.mask.nii.gz
mprage.brain.dfs mprage.nii.gz
mprage.bse.nii.gz mprage.outer_skull.dfs
mprage.cerebrum.mask.nii.gz mprage.pial.cortex.dfs
mprage.cortex.dewisp.mask.nii.gz mprage.pvc.frac.nii.gz
mprage.cortex.scrubbed.mask.nii.gz mprage.pvc.label.nii.gz
mprage.cortex.tca.mask.nii.gz mprage.right.inner.cortex.dfs
mprage.hemi.label.nii.gz mprage.right.pial.cortex.dfs
mprage.init.cortex.mask.nii.gz mprage.scalp.dfs
mprage.inner.cortex.dfs mprage.skull.label.nii.gz
mprage.inner_skull.dfs mprage.warp

I appreciate the help!