Reply To: BDP – Frequently Asked Questions


I just realized that Bhushan et al. (2012) is your manuscript, very cool, I enjoyed reading it! I’m curious to know, because I don’t quite understand everything in it…given that, in my current situation, the voxel size transformation going from larger DWI (1x1x2mm) to smaller T1 (1x1x1mm) practically doubles the in-plane resolution of DWI, does the interpolation essentially create new diffusion data that didn’t exist before? If so, how does it do that? (sorry I know that’s a vague question, but perhaps there’s a paper you could point me to?). I’m guessing it doesn’t duplicate the information in a single 2mm DWI slice into the two 1mm T1 slices right?

I’m wondering this because I’ve always previously performed tractography and analysis in native diffusion space, and so I’m curious to know how doing it in native T1 space will affect it. Perhaps there are some specific disadvantages or trade-offs? But even if so, I have such bad distortion in this dwi data (and I have no field map or double acquisition), that I think BrainSuite’s method will confer substantial improvement.