Reply To: Error with BDP


In addition to my questions above, I have already the next problem in the next 2 patients. I get the following message:

Error message:
Number of volumes in NIfTI file does not equal the number of b-matrices.
Total number of images found: 2
Total number of bmatrices: 1

Error help/resolution:
Check to make sure that bvec/bval or bmat file have correct number of entries
corresponding to the diffusion scan file. Check to make sure gradient file
contains “0, 0, 0” row(s)/col(s) for b=0 images.

I tried to transform the Dicoms with dcm2niigui and the newer mricron but I always get the same results. What do I do false? The .bvec file has values:
and the .bval just 0.