Reply To: How to measure and correct the sulci?


Measuring and correcting sulci, the grooves on the brain’s surface requires advanced neuroimaging techniques and expert analysis. MRI scans, particularly high-resolution structural MRI, are essential for accurately visualizing and measuring sulcal depth, width, and patterns. Specialized software tools like FreeSurfer or BrainVISA can perform automated sulcal measurements and comparisons against normative data.

Correcting sulci is a complex process typically reserved for severe neurological conditions or developmental abnormalities. Surgical interventions, like selective amygdalohippocampectomy or focal cortical resections, may be considered in cases where sulcal abnormalities contribute to epilepsy or other neurological disorders. However, it’s crucial to note that sulcal correction is not a routine procedure but only performed when necessary, as it involves significant risks and requires extensive expertise.