Reply To: Matlab: badsubscript multiple errors


I understand you’re encountering MATLAB errors while using BrainSuite. These “bad subscript” errors often indicate issues with array indexing or data dimensions. To help troubleshoot, could you please provide more details about the specific BrainSuite functions you’re using? It would be helpful if you could share the exact error messages you’re seeing. Additionally, knowing which versions of MATLAB and BrainSuite you’re using could provide valuable context. Are you working with any particular dataset that might be causing these issues? It might also be beneficial to check if your MATLAB path is set up correctly for BrainSuite. Sometimes, these errors can occur if MATLAB can’t find the necessary functions or if there are conflicts with other toolboxes. If possible, try running a simple BrainSuite function to see if the error persists. This could help isolate whether the issue is with your specific workflow or a more general problem with the BrainSuite installation. Providing this additional information will help the community better assist you in resolving these errors.