Reply To: Importing Freesurfer Brain Segmentation into Brainsuite


Certainly! To import FreeSurfer brain segmentation into BrainSuite, follow these simple steps:

1. Convert FreeSurfer files to NIfTI format: Use the mri_convert command to convert .mgz files (like brain. mgz and aparc+aseg.mgz) to .nii or .nii.gz format.


mri_convert brain.nii.gz

mri_convert aparc+aseg.mgz aparc+aseg.nii.gz

2. Open BrainSuite: Start BrainSuite and use the ‘Open Volume’ option to load the .nii files you just converted.

3. Load Surface Files: Convert FreeSurfer surface files (e.g., lh. pial, rh. pial) to a format (like .ply) that can be read in BrainSuite. Use mris_convert for this purpose.

4. Visualize and Analyze: With your files now in BrainSuite, you can visualize and analyze the data using BrainSuite’s tools.

This streamlined process will help you leverage BrainSuite’s powerful features for your neuroimaging analysis.