Reply To: Cortical surface file conversion


Okay, thanks so much. I’m going to try it.
I want to get slices.bse.inner.cortex.dfs, slices.bse.inner_skull.dfs, slices.bse.left.inner.cortex.dfs, slices.bse.left.pial.cortex.dfs, slices.bse.outer_skull.dfs, slices.bse.pial.cortex.dfs, slices.bse.right.inner.cortex.dfs, slices.bse.right.pial.cortex.dfs, slices. bse.scalp.dfs and other files in .stl format, then what are the corresponding BCI-DNI_brain.cortex.dewisp.mask.nii.gz? Can I realize all the above file format conversion?