Reply To: MATLAB:gunzip:javaCopyStreamError


Did you deal with this problem somehow?
I have a similar one, with each choice of each of the three options of the atlas.

Error using gunzip>gunzipwrite (line 239)
Unexpected end of input stream when attempting to GUNZIP the file “C:\Users\VIto\AppData\Local\Temp\tp1bb67d40_d03c_42c0_8fb6_51c11a4df4ee\”.

Error in gunzip>gunzipEntries (line 155)

Error in gunzip (line 91)

Error in load_untouch_nii_gz (line 71)

Error in check_nifti_file (line 59)

Error in load_nii_BIG_Lab (line 45)
Error in load_nii_z (line 38)

Error in extend_deformation_laplacian_hippo (line 129)

Error in svreg_volreg (line 224)