Reply To: svreg command line "cores"


How did you made it start working?

I am on Windows 10 2-core i7

I have executed the CSE before SVReg with this command (it worked):
(in the 1 dataset folder I added the cse script to the path)
C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_CMD>”C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_Tools\BrainSuite21a_src\scripts\cortical_extraction” italot1.nii

Note that I did not call cortical_extraction.exe (Did not recognize it)

Now with the SVReg Process.

I did the same with the SVReg script and typed:
C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_CMD>”C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_Tools\svreg_21a_build2317_source\scripts\svreg” italot1

Returned me:
using SVReg in C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_Tools\svreg_21a_build2317_source
‘”C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_Tools\svreg_21a_build2317_source\scripts\svreg.exe”‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

So I decided to run the svreg on the BrainSuite Bin folder:
C:\Users\italo\Documents\BrainSuite_CMD>”C:\Program Files\BrainSuite21a\svreg\bin\svreg” italot1

Returned me:
Not enough input arguments.
Error in svreg (line 24)

Any Suggestions to run SVReg on Command Line properly?

Regards, Italo