Reply To: Registration process error (no Settings.images)

Anand Joshi

Hi Francois,
BrainSuite+SVReg is running fine on my computer so far. It has passed the stage where it showed error.
I am working with sample_auditory dataset. I downloaded it from brainstorm site, created a new subject in brainstorm and imported anatomy for sample_auditory there. Then I exported the mri as T1.nii
I ran brainsuite on this data with default parameters, except at skull extraction, I chose Edge constant=0.63 and Erosion Size=2.
Can you please make sure that this change was done when you ran the sequence? It could have caused bad extraction and then error later.

The following was mentioned on the BrainSuite tutorial webpage on the BrainStorm site but now seems to be removed in the subsequent edits. I will reinsert it. Hope that it is fine.

For this tutorial data, the parameters for skull extraction need to be changed to get optimal results. Please set ‘Edge Constant=0.63’ and ‘Erosion Size=2’.