Reply To: svreg command line "cores"


Of course this is done after having run the Cortical Extraction Sequence first.
Then, here is a bit of the Matlab code used to call svreg:

Name = ’xnrT1.nii.gz’ %(skull stripped T1)
basename = string(name(1:(length(name)-7))) %(.nii.gz extension)
st=’svreg.exe ‘+ basename + ‘ -U’

This results in:
basename= ‘xnrT1’
st=svreg.exe “C:\Users\Larry Olson\Desktop\jtTestCase\BS”\xnrT1 -U
these are the errors (from running the script OR from pasting into matlab command window):
…curvature resolution 8/10
curvature resolution 9/10
curvature resolution 10/10
Multiresolution curvature maps are calculated
Computing additive curvature
Performing curvature registration
Curvature registration at resolution 1/4
Error using imhist (line 76)
Invalid MEX-file ‘C:\Users\LARRYO~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Larry Olson\mcrCache9.0\svreg_1\toolbox\images\images\private\imhistc.mexw64’: The specified procedure could not be found.
Error in histeq>computeCumulativeHistogram (line 181)
Error in histeq (line 138)
Error in register_images_elastic_anand_landmarks_cg (line 26)
Error in curvature_registration512g_wt_multi_bs_elastic_xyz_cg (line 129)
Error in curvature_registration_newbs_elastic_xyz (line 73)
Error in svreg_label_surf_hemi (line 191)
Error in svreg (line 180)
ans =

Note I pasted the exact same call into a DOS Command Prompt, and it ran all the way through:
svreg.exe “C:\Users\Larry Olson\Desktop\jtTestCase\BS”\xnrT1 –U

Had to use the –U flag because this machine is only a dual core i5