Reply To: Brainsuite vs Freesurfer

Anand Joshi

Hi Leon, Thank you for using BrainSuite and I am glad that your study was positively received.
I would answer by saying that BrainSuite release is relatively frequent (approximately every 6 months). The latest release has been Feb 19, this year. I think this is more frequent than other competing software. I doubt it can be called outdated due to that reason. Additionally, the interactive GUI and fast processing speed allow rapid experimentation and visualization.
Unless there is some feature that is needed for the study, that is not in BrainSuite, it is unclear why a switch is needed, especially since the results of the analysis seem to be not as expected. But the reviewers seem to like them.

Usually, most researchers and different labs have their favorite software and pipelines. The user base of BrainSuite is quite large and is growing.

Additionally, we as developers and maintainers of the software are ready to support and enhance the software.