Reply To: average cortical thickness of ROI


Dear Anand,
thank you very much for your quick answer!
I am checking the folder to which I saved the files created by Cortical Surface Extraction and SVReg using the GUI. The folder therefore contains the following files:
the nii-file

Furthermore, the folder contains the folder fileprefix.svreg.tmp. In this folder I also could not find the file ‘fileprefix.roiwise.stats.txt’
I use Brain Suite 15b and installed Matlab Runtime R2012a. My PC runs Windows 7.
I didn’t notice any error. I also tried it several times on another Windows PC with different nii-files. Again, I could not find the file.
Is this file created automatically by SVReg using the GUI or do I have to do anything special to have it created?
Thank you very much for your help!
Kind regards,