Reply To: Brain Mapping


I`m a little bit confused on how to use the command.
Where do I find the requested param_nii_file?
If I try this:
/opt/BrainSuite18a/svreg/bin/ SUBJECT -v2
It says that the *.label.nii.gz file is missing. But its there!
I need Help!

Full massage:

root@voltool:/home/flo/DATA/Files/RAD-2010-261829# /opt/BrainSuite18a/svreg/bin/ /home/flo/DATA/Files/RAD-2010-261829 -v2
Error using generate_vol_param_stats_xls (line 57)
SVREG label file missing: SVREG volume labels file not found. Please check if <name>.svreg.corr.label.nii.gz or <name>.svreg.label.nii.gz or <name>.svreg.corr.manual.label.nii.gz exists.

root@voltool:/home/flo/DATA/Files/RAD-2010-261829# ls -l | grep *.svreg.label*
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root   root      343194 Okt 20 15:23 RAD-2010-261829.svreg.label.nii.gz