Reply To: Process Diffusion Data with BDP


BDPsummary should have been generated in the same folder as the bfc file but since in your case it did not generate then most likely BDP exited before that step.

I repeated your command with a dataset I had :
bdp.exe 2523412\2523412.bfc.nii.gz –tensor –fract –frt –nii 2523412\2523412.DTI64.nii -b 2523412\2523412.DTI64.bval -g 2523412\2523412.DTI64.bvec

and it was able to find my file and went beyond the step that is crashing for you. So looks to be a syntax issue.

Even though I am not sure, here are quick pointers that might help you:
– check if all files exist and are accessible to bdp
– check space, double dashes
– remove fract and frt, just run tensor
– try a different input dataset