Reply To: nube; how2: access/use brain atlas


sychoi, thanks!

You wrote, “The surfaces we generate do not include subcortical nor extratentorial structures.”

Ok, I suspected as much.

And then gave instructions for how to do so which look doable just fine, thank you!

I’ve seen the answer as to how to save views, and it looks like exactly what I was looking for!

And removing the slices from the surface viewer by hitting ctrl+v or cmd+v is a much faster alternative to what I was doing, which was you other suggestion (@ Surface Display Sidebar, check off Show Slices). Thank you for the short-cut!

And “view your surface as a solid color” works perfectly, to allow me exercising trying to discern surface features! Wonderful! Thank you!

And I am enjoying using your interface, made all the more possible by all the answers to my questions that I’m getting! Thank you all so much! I know you all must be otherwise very busy, but these answers are very helpful and much appreciated!