Reply To: BCI-DNI_brain_atlas: how2 differently color some gyri?


Ok, I selected ‘View’, ‘Delineation Tool Sidebar’, selected ‘L.Insula (wm)’ at ‘description’, & changed its color as it showed in the Sidebar color selector box (but the color did not change on the brain itself).

Then I clicked ‘Save Desc.’, & entered a new filename.

Then I looked in ‘File’, ‘Open’, ‘Label Volume’, but did not find the file I thought I had created in the C:\Program Files\BrainSuite18a\svreg\BCI-DNI_brain_atlas folder. Then I closed BS, & looked directly in the above folder, and it wasn’t there. Reopened BS, looked in ‘Open’, ‘Label Volume’, & only found the main brain label file, not the one I tried to create.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.