Reply To: BCI-DNI_brain_atlas: how2 Save & Retrieve different views


Thank you Anand, what I’d like to be able to do would be either:
1. set up BrainSuite in some way so that when I activate it, a pre-set bunch of atlas files would automatically come up at the same time, &/or,
2. know how to save ‘something’ (a ‘volume’, a ‘surface’? an atlas?) that contains all of a set of desired atlas files with a unique name, which could be simply selected as a named item from one of the BS menus to bring all of those files up (and have multiple different such named setups).

I did try to load a whole directory with some of the atlas file into BS by dragging the directory itself, which didn’t work, but I can select all those files in a directory together and then drag them together, and that works.

I hope to be able to be able to select from within BS, by user specified names, different presentations of different atlases, such that one named selection might show both hemispheres, another show just one hemisphere, another with different than originally colored regions, or non-differently colored for self-test of recognition, and if interior sub-cortical structures are available, another show that one, at user selection from within BS.

I could set up different directories with different sets of files to manually drag together, which is doable but not wonderful, but I don’t know how to ‘reset’ or ‘unload’ existing ones to allow to load other different ones.

Thank you again for your reply.