Reply To: nube; how2: access/use brain atlas


oh, very sorry again! I hadn’t followed all your instructions. :( Now I do see the whole cerebrum surface! Thank you!
1. But I don’t see the cerebellum nor brainstem, and suspect inner structures are not yet showing either. How do I make them show?
2. And now most importantly, how do I save what I’ve just done, so I can add to it as I progress toward viewing what I’m considering a ‘brain atlas’ to be? The ‘Save Volume’ show 5 options, which one(s) do I need to use?
3. And can I save different views/models, so I can easily retrieve different sets of structures?
4. And is it possible to make the black slicing planes go away, or are they a necessary part of what shows the names of structures on double-click a feature?
5. And then (sorry to ask this!), how to view the un-colorized view of whole brain, so I can at some point eventually test myself to identify structures?

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t follow your instructions!

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