Reply To: nube; how2: access/use brain atlas


Sychoi, sorry, sometimes I neglect to give useful/necessary information: I’m on a computer with Windows 8.1, and both before and after your helpful reply I did find the files you mentioned, and after your explanation dragged & dropped a number of them into BS.
1. What I found were slices, and a 3D view of those slices.
2. What I was hoping to find was something like the 3D colorized model on .
3. And then be able to rotate that model to different views of the surfaces.
4. And then be able to modify the degree of opaqueness/transparency of surface and interior structures, in order to see structures in relation to other structures.
5. And then be able to save various views/models.

And it looks to me from the descriptions on the above web page that you have segmented a nice, very large number of gyri, structures, and suci! Thank you for your work!

Does it seem that I can do the above as I’d like to do with BS, or have I misunderstood its intention/capabilities?

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