Reply To: nube; how2: access/use brain atlas


Hi Dan, our atlases will be found with your installation files. for example

for windows:
C:\Program Files\BrainSuite18a\svreg

for mac

you will see a directory for the BCI-DNI_brain atlas and BrainSuiteAtlas1. I recommend the BCI-DNI_brain atlas.

drag and drop files ending in:
.bfc.nii.gz (or BCI-DNI_brain.nii.gz for inclusion of skull and scalp)
.all.dfc (right and left will only load one at a time)
and under File–>open–>label volume
select the “BCI-DNI_brain.label.nii.gz” file

To give you a few tips:
you can learn about navigation controls here:
you can click anywhere on the volume slices or double click anywhere on the surface and the name of the region will appear on the bottom of the interface. There’s also some fun things you can do for visualization by opening up the mask toolbox.
You can see the names and description of the sulcal curves (.dfc files) by opening up the sulcal toolbox

click around, experiment and have fun. Let us know if you have any other questions.