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Hi Anand Joshi,
thank you for your fast answer. And sorry for the missing image. I try to repost it now.

Left Lateral Orbitofrontal Gyrus

I am not sure if I get you right. In my understanding you told me to extract total brain surface like *.hemi.mid.cortex.svreg.dfs. And then smooth it and extract features with matlab. The problem is, that I try to get closed surfaces and if I extract different anatomical structures from the *.hemi.mid.cortex.svreg.dfs file they are not closed.

The smoothing problem only appears if if I use *.svreg.label.nii.gz volumes to calculate self generated surfaces. And this is the way the image I uploaded is generated.

Is there any possibility to extract closed surfaces from single anatomical structures by using the command line?
Greetings Louise

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