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      A movement known as zero-waste has gained a lot of popularity as a response to the ongoing challenge of achieving sustainability and combating climate change. The goal of zero waste is to eliminate all trash from daily life, particularly single-use plastic. Plastic waste is a major environmental problem. Plastic harms the environment for a very long time whether it is thrown away, recycled, burned, or simply thrown on the ground. Plastic bottles and bags take between 10 and 1000 years to decompose, during which time they have a terrible impact on the environment. With the assistance of 30 leading FMCG companies, the Karo Sambhav – Closing Material Loops project, created by PACE members, aims to divert all recyclable materials from landfill by 2025. Karo Sambhav’s top priorities for plastic waste management are building infrastructure for various waste types and developing a pan-Indian system for managing plastic waste.

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