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      Governments around the world are dedicated to practising proactive measures to reduce illegal dumping of e-garbage via strategic waste management electronic waste measures. Gone are the days when the simple collection, transportation, and treatment of discarded garbage and waste products was enough to round up the safe tackling of e-waste. The consequences have been detrimental to the environment and human health. If you are not already aware, the burgeoning stream of e-waste is a serious concern globally. Unfortunately, India is the third-largest producer of electronic waste, ranking right after China and The United States. It is also crucial to note that the country produces more than 3.4 lakh tonnes of electronic waste, out of which only 22.7% of the waste is efficiently treated and recycled. The consequences are truly alarming and hard to ignore. Hence, zero waste management in India is a pressing priority.

      Recycling electronics is not all. It is equally critical to salvage the resources that go into making these products and reuse them in the production cycles. This decreases the impacts of careless mining, thereby conserving the constantly depleting finite resources. To strengthen the initiative, stringent EPR compliance policies are put into action. EPR or extended producer responsibility aims to ascertain that producers or manufacturers adhere to the environmental policy and are responsible for the end-to-end lifecycle of electronic products. Karo Sambhav, a well-known producer responsibility organisation in India, offers a proactive cradle-to-cradle approach for guided waste management, encouraging businesses and individuals a strategic measure to recover, recycle and reuse products.

      Source : https://karosambhav1.mystrikingly.com/blog/why-is-waste-management-a-need-of-the-hour

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