Why is Battery Waste a Burgeoning Problem in India?

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      When brooding on how to dispose batteries in India, the idea of structured and monitored waste collection sites pops up immediately. Unfortunately, the thoughts are not alike for all and sundry. Very few are truly familiar with the idea of listed waste management companies in India or waste collection sites. People are quick to discard the spent batteries in the open without realising the potential hazards these poses.
      IEC campaigns or information, education, and communication strategies are well-informed to the people to create a rising awareness of the spike in battery waste and advocate ways on how to dispose batteries in India.
      Leading names practising circular economy in India includes Karo Sambhav. The strategic practice involves a guided way to ensure that resources remain longer in a closed loop. Of course, the benefits are clear. Responsible recycling of batteries via circular economy ensures maximum extraction of valuable components in an exhausted battery, refurbishing, and renewed use of the same components. It naturally scales back the ratio of mining and mindless trashing.

      Read More : https://karosambhav1.mystrikingly.com/blog/why-is-battery-waste-a-burgeoning-problem-in-india

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