Which company promotes recycling batteries in India?

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      Karo sambhav provide battery Recycling Services in India to Individual Households and Companies. Karo sambhav battery Recycling is one of the Leading E-Waste Management Company in India, For Corporate E-Waste Disposal we Provide 100% Compliance. It is anticipated that the waste stream from batteries would expand quickly. Waste is recycled by the business Karo Sambhav in an effort to protect the environment. Their global network of accredited e-waste recycling facilities free from export limitations supports our closed-loop strategy for responsible e-waste recycling. They provide transparency in hazardous waste management, recycling, and disposal. The extended producer responsibility (EPR) principle, upon which their battery waste law is founded, holds battery producers accountable for the collection, recycling, and utilisation of recovered materials from waste in the production of new batteries. E-Waste Disposal in India is now Simple and Easy with Karo sambhav E-Waste Recycling Services.


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