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    The question is very simple: I compare ROIs to each other (2 groups of patients and I compare specific ROIs between the groups). The ROIs are voxel based calculated.
    Is also the analysis that I do a voxel based morphometry or is it basically in Brainsuite always a
    surface based morphometry?

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    Anand Joshi

    please take a look at BrainSuite statistical toolbox.

    You can do TBM, CBM, ROi based analysis etc with it.

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    I ran all patients with brainsuite and did registration and labeling. Afterwards, I did a ROI comparison with SPSS, I found significance in 4 regions between the two groups of patients.
    The question is : does brainsuite perform generally a surface based morphometry because of the method that is followed from svREG or is it voxel based morphometry when we compare just the ROIs produced through svREG?

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    Anand Joshi

    I am not sure if I follow the question. The ROIs produced by SVReg are labeled both on the cortical surface as well as in the volume. The ROI based analysis will use the surface statistics, such as surface area, or it can use volumetric statistic such as volume of the ROI for comparison. It would depend on how you configured BSS when you ran the study.
    The BSS module in BrainSuite can perform both surface-based and volume based analysis.
    Not sure if this helps, but if not, can you please explain what you are trying to do?

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    I run Brainsuite till the end (with registration and labeling and everything) and I get the excel files with the ROI volumes.
    I afterwards divide the patients in 2 groups, those with the symptom and those without, and I compare their ROIs (the volumes of them).
    I find significance in, for instance, 4 ROIs. That means that by the patients with the symptom these 4 regions are volumetric bigger than in the group without the symptom.

    Normally, as a method, Brainsuite makes surface based morphometry, right? Just like freesurfer etc.

    But in this case I compare ROIs (voxel numbers). Does it make my analysis a voxel based analysis or is it still a surface based analysis because of the software (Brainsuite)?

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