The Underrated Benefits of Battery Recycling

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      Speaking of waste, plastic and electronic waste stand out as paramount. Did you know that piles of batteries and scraps that plague landfills are just as hazardous? Hence, the focus on battery waste recycling is just as significant to driving clean energy systems into operation. Much like e-waste, batteries contribute to the growing waste stream.

      Lead-acid batteries, electronic batteries, atomic batteries, and more. Batteries are available in various types and kinds. However, lithium-ion batteries are the most recent and widely used innovation.

      Owing to the light weight and striking power of the batteries, the lithium-ion variants have crawled their way into almost every household and commercial establishment. These are rechargeable and store as much as 150 watt-hours in every kilogram, unlike the formerly used lead batteries which store just 25 watt-hours. The growing craze for these batteries also explains the increased dump of power cells in the scrapyards. Unfortunately, trashing batteries mindlessly defies the standard norms of battery recycling in India.

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