Role of Citizens to Create Circular Economy For Plastic Waste

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      One of the most significant barriers to a circular plastics economy is a lack of awareness about recycled plastics waste. Today, manufacturers of plastics and packaging have little or no incentive to design products with recycling or reuse in mind, but end-of-life considerations must be prioritized throughout the product development process. Take note of industry guidelines that advise packaging manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers on how to incorporate recyclability principles into their design processes. To simplify the recycling process, such advice includes reducing the use of colorants, labels, sleeves, and adhesives. The key to ensuring the effective implementation of sustainable plastic waste disposal management is raising awareness of its significance and best practices. Plastic waste classification training and awareness program offered by Karo sambhav cover the fundamentals of plastic waste classification, waste types, and ways to reduce carbon footprints.

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