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    This version of BrainSuite 16a1 does something to the header of exported files that makes them incompatible with other programs. For example, if I save a Mask and try to open it in MRIcron, I get the error: “Error: This image file is smaller than described in header. Expected:8570152 Selected:8569800…” The image of the Mask does open in BioimageSuite, but it is in the wrong orientation. I started with an Axial image, but it shows up as a Coronal image in BioImageSuite. That is probably why the size is different than expected. If I change the orientation label in the header in BioImageSuite, it opens correctly in MRIcron and other programs.

    This was not a problem with BrainSuite 15c (win64).

    This new version has been an issue for others I work with too. Can it be addressed?

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    Same issue with files saved by version 18a

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